Best Treatment for the Edentulous (toothless) Patient

Best Treatment for the Edentulous (toothless) Patient

Q: It’s time for me to replace my missing teeth; I have had it with dentures!

What are the best options?

A: I looked for a better synonym for “edentulous”, and only came up with “toothless” and “having lost teeth”. Not a great euphemistic choice. They all sound bad. I discovered a new word: neologism: alternative meanings for common words.

Today’s neologism is “lymph”: to walk with a lisp.

Your options will be presented in detail at our seminar on June 28th.

  • 1. Overdentures with two implants in the canine area: Pros: A life-changer for those suffering with ill-fitting loose dentures. Cons: The denture can still rock towards the back end where there are no implants, allowing food to get underneath. Designed for those with limited funds. If one implant fails; the whole case fails.
  • 2. Overdenture with four implants placed towards the front and back of the jaw. Pros: No rock of the denture at all. Chewing feels closer to natural teeth compared to #1. If one implant fails, case can be repaired. Cons: Higher cost than #1. More involved maintenance and home care.
  • 3. Fixed, Implant-Supported, Non-Removable Teeth: Pros: Closest thing to the teeth you were born with. No rocking. Not removed by the patient. Greater longevity and durability. Cons: Significantly more cost. If patients have lost too much bone creating a “gaunt”, caved in face, this often will not build out the face and lips. #1 and #2 would better accomplish this.

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