9 reasons why Partial dentures are unhealthy?

9 reasons why Partial dentures are unhealthy?

Q: I am missing my back molars and use a partial denture that clips to my other teeth. Is there any danger wearing these for many years?

A: Bottom line: Yes they are terrible for your teeth. Most removable prostheses are made for one reason: to save money.

I am still scarred from the childhood memory of my grandfather rinsing off the matzah from his partial denture after a Passover Seder! We should have added an 11th commandment; Thou shall not use the powder room to rinse off one’s denture.

Why are they bad?

  • The clasps that clip to your remaining teeth exert detrimental forces which torque the roots back and forth causing bone loss, loosening of the teeth. This leads to loss of the teeth.

  • They trap food and bacteria against the other teeth causing decay which leads to a need for root canals and removal of the teeth.

  • Food gets trapped underneath the plastic causing bad odors

  • The areas of missing teeth will atrophy and shrink resulting in rocking of the dentures, more food trapping and destruction the bone needed for future dental implants.

  • Speech difficulties

  • Unsightly metal clasps and fake plastic teeth visible in the smile and when speaking.

  • Studies show chronic rubbing of the plastic against soft tissues in the mouth greatly increase the risk of oral cancer.

  • The plastic teeth wear down and no longer cut the food properly for good digestion.

  • Studie show life spans are reduced with multiple missing natural teeth.

When at all possible, always consider the replacement of missing teeth with dental implants; titanium anchors which support crowns. If you don’t have enough bone, consider the placement of four implants to anchor a full denture to keep them from moving around, avoiding messy denture adhesives.

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