A day in the life of a cosmetic and implant dentist

A day in the life of a cosmetic and implant dentist

Q: What did you do today, Dr. Mitchie?

A: 7:15 AM, Woke up and turned on a replay of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix from Sunday; There is no way I can be up at 2AM to watch the overseas races live. (Another great race, this season has been very exciting)

7:30 AM: personal grooming, man-scaping etc. TMI

8:00 AM: plant based soy protein shake 280 calories, instant oatmeal which tastes like sawdust. I add cranberries and sliced almonds so that it tastes like………sawdust with cranberries and sliced almonds.

8:20 AM: get stuck on the Flagler Bridge for the eight thousandth’s time. I think the bridge tender is a patient of mine and want to delay his tooth extraction.

8:45 AM: Morning staff huddle. (Who am I kidding; the last time they showed up before nine the news was reporting on this strange sickness from an open air animal market in Woohand China.)

9:00 AM: Patient one: starting veneers, took digital no goop impressions for a set of study models.

9:30AM: Fixed my hair; new haircut is driving me crazy. Extraction of a tooth that was broken below the gum line, placement of bone graft and a collagen membrane to allow for a good foundation for an implant in 5 months.

10:30 AM: I burped. Then adjusted the bite and took post op photos of an upper and lower full mouth, 28 tooth cosmetic reconstruction with porcelain veneers. The patient said her dimples came back from the work we did and loved it!

11:30 AM: another removal of a fractures tooth, graft, membrane etc. for an implant in 5 months.

12:00 to 1pm: Answered son’s question about crown cements. He calls me from his job in NY. Sometimes we fight, but always forget about the next time we speak. I wonder why he’s so opinionated.

1:00 FINALLY lunch!!!!!! Meatball Panini at Piccolo Mondo in Palm Beach next to Renato’s.

2:15pm Gelato to prevent falling asleep while installing the next patient’s lower 10 veneers.

4pm: ITero digital impression scan of implant to make the abutment and crown. Jealous of patient who was just in my favorite place, Italy; not little Italy but big Italy.

4:30 pm another scan for models digital impressions for new veneer case on a patient that came to this office before I was born.

5pm: fell sleep in my private office; staff woke me up to go home.

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