A Smile Makeover Can Change Your Life

A Smile Makeover Can Change Your Life

May 02, 2022

Although everyone appreciates a smile, few people understand the kind of impact a beautiful smile has on the quality of your life. Smiling can change your life in ways that other things may not do. If you are struggling with the appearance of your smile, consider the solutions that Dr. Mitchell A. Josephs offers for transforming it.

What Is a Smile Makeover?

It is a term that dentists in Palm Beach use to refer to dental procedures that can drastically change features of the oral cavity to improve the general; appearance of a smile. Smile makeovers can detail one dental procedure, but they typically involve multiple dental works. The number of procedures necessary for a smile makeover fully depends on the state of a patient’s mouth. The more dental flaws you have, the more dental procedure you may need to transform the appearance of your smile. Some of the dental approaches that cosmetic dentists use during smile makeovers are:

  1. Dental veneers
  2. Dental crowns
  3. Composite bonding
  4. Dental bridges
  5. Dentures

Common Types of Dental Procedures for Smile Makeovers

When you visit us at Mitchell A. Josephs DDS, we have a comprehensive list of dental works that can help transform your smile. All of them primarily focus on improving the appearance of your smile. However, they may also impact the functionality of your oral cavity by improving the structures of teeth. They include:

  1. Teeth whitening – a great way to transform your smile is by whitening and brightening your teeth. Teeth whitening protocols can involve direct enamel bleaching or using dental restorations like oral veneers and composite bonding.
  2. Teeth contouring – is a process of re-shaping teeth to change their length, width, and general shape. The procedure can lengthen unusually short teeth, restore broken and chipped teeth and fix many other anomalies regarding the shape of your teeth’ enamels.
  3. Teeth replacement – premature tooth loss is a predominant problem globally. To fill the gap in your smile, your dentist in a dental office in Palm Beach can use dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants. If you are looking for a purely cosmetic solution, your dentist may lean more toward dentures and dental bridges than tooth implants.
  4. Teeth alignment – if your teeth are not straight in your mouth, you have an alignment problem. Typically, treatment would require braces and bands in orthodontic dentistry. However, for smile makeovers in Palm Beach cosmetic dentistry, other approaches can improve the spacing of teeth in your mouth. Dentists can use dental veneers or dental crowns to reshape your natural teeth first, then close up spaces or correct crookedness.
  5. Gum contouring – far from what you may think, smile makeovers do not just focus on your teeth. The appearance and health of your gums can also influence your smile’s appearance. Gum contouring, also called gum sculpting, involves cosmetic dental surgeries for lowering or heightening the gum line to improve a smile’s appearance.

Benefits of Having an Awesome Smile

If you are still on the fence about cosmetic dental protocols to improve your smile, consider the following benefits of having an awesome smile:

  1. Heightened self-confidence – a beautiful smile makes you bold when you talk or smile, particularly in social circles.
  2. Improving oral hygiene – people tend to take better care of their oral cavities when they have beautiful smiles.
  3. For expressions – more than what you say, effective communication relies on non-verbal cues, which largely integrate into your smile. A beautiful smile helps you communicate accurate expressions that reflect your deepest feelings and thoughts.
  4. Your smile really does make the first impression – whether you like it or not, people include the appearance of your smile in their first impressions. It is not just your eyes and face that people look at during conversation. Besides, a beautiful smile is a good conversation starter in many social gatherings.
  5. Improved quality of life – the more you smile, the more cheerful you may be, elevating your general health.
  6. Boosting your mood – beautiful teeth will have you smiling more. The more you smile, the better your mood gets. Smiling may just be the antidote you need to relieve stress and anxiety that constantly dull your life.

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