Afraid of Local Anesthesia? Don’t be and Here is Why

Afraid of Local Anesthesia? Don’t be and Here is Why

Did you know approximately 30 million American adults actively avoid the dental clinic? Although dental tools, the smell of drugs and pain during the dental procedure can cause dental phobia, more often than not, most people are afraid of local anesthesia injections.

The traditional or conventional injections are unsightly and extremely painful. Not only that, they cause numbness of the face and dropping lips, making them inconvenient. However, with the advancement of dental technology, there is a Computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system that helps reduce the pain and discomfort.

At Dr. Mitchell Josephs Dental Clinic, we use the Comfort Control Syringe for a few reasons such as:

1. Reduce Syringe or Injection Pain
Dental local anesthesia is designed to reduce pain. However, sometimes it is the cause of pain for a variety of reasons such as soft tissue damage. Using the Comfort Controlled Injection Dr. Mitchell Josephs can administer the anesthesia without damaging your soft tissues.

Furthermore, some of the CCS devices are used with a topical solution that is applied to the area to be anesthetized to numb the out layer of the mucosa and further reduce the pain.

2. There is a Controlled Flow Rate of Anesthesia
The one disadvantage with traditional manual injections is that they pump the entire dose at once causing pressure and pain in the soft tissues. The Comfort Control Syringe, however, has a slow flow rate. The device is pre-programmed to produce a few drops of anesthesia in the first few second thereby eliminating the pressure on the tissue. Furthermore, the syringe has five injection speed controls allowing the dentist to regulate the dosage.

3. Rapid Recovery
The downside of traditional manual injections is the residual numbness and drooping of the lips, which makes it hard to resume normal activities such as eating.

With the Comfort Control, the dentist will only numb the tooth to be worked on and not the entire face and lip.

Benefits of Comfort Control Syringe

The Comfort Controlled Syringe offers great benefits and helps patients to relax and cooperate during the dental procedure.

  • A decrease in the pain especially in dense and tight tissues
  • The anesthesia is localized only to the affected tooth and does not spread to the rest of the face and lips.
  • The slow flow rate reduces the pressure to the ligaments and tissues

Disadvantages of CCS

On the downside, the Comfort Control Syringe needs to be disinfected and sterilized, which if not done correctly can lead to other problems.

Furthermore, CCS can cause anxiety in some patients. Because of the slow flow rate, the syringe stays in the gum for longer which can increase anxiety and phobia. We understand that some people have anxiety and gag reflex, that is why we offer sedation dentistry in combination with the anesthesia.

Dental sedation helps to reduce anxiety, gag reflex and make the dental procedure bearable. We offer different types of sedation depending on your level of anxiety and the complexity of the dental procedure. Sedation types include:

  • Laughing gas or nitrous oxide that has mild effects and is ideal for children
  • Oral sedation involves swallowing a pill an hour before the procedure
  • Intravenous sedation is ideal for moderate to severe dental procedures. It is given via the veins and allows the dentist to regulate the dosage. IV sedation does reduce awareness but doesn’t cause unconsciousness.
  • Deep to general sedation is ideal for people with severe anxiety. It does cause you to sleep and will not have a recollection of the procedure.

Despite its shortcomings, the Comfort Controlled Syringe is a perfect solution for you if you have a phobia for local anesthesia. You will be relaxed during dental treatment and resume your normal activities almost immediately.

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Yes, most of the dental procedure requires anesthesia, but now you don’t have to be afraid or anxious anymore. With CCS technology, you will have a relaxed and comfortable dental experience. Contact us today or visit our Dr. Mitchell Josephs’s dental clinic for your dental checkup and we will give you a comprehensive and personalized dental treatment.

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