Al Roker’s New Teeth: Whaaaa Happened?

Al Roker’s New Teeth: Whaaaa Happened?

Q: Did Al Roker from the Today Show get new teeth? They look huge!

A: I tried watching Al Roker give the weather report this morning, but as he turned to face the eastern part of the country, his new teeth blocked the Mid Atlantic states, from NYC to Baltimore. As far as I can tell, a massive front of incisal enamel will envelope the east coast in darkness for who knows how long. Hopefully these are just his temporary teeth and are a work in progress.

What happened. And, how can you avoid a set of Chicklets the size of a Buick?

  • If you have a big space between your front two teeth, don’t close it completely or you will be donning two canoe paddles for teeth. Leave some gap. It makes your teeth look natural as well.
  • Have the dental lab create a diagnostic, digital 3D wax-up to allow you to wear your temporary veneers for three weeks so you and the doctor can fine tune the shape.
  • Choose a color appropriate to your skin, hair and eye color.
  • Once you are happy with the acrylic temporaries, we send a model and picture of them to the lab to copy for the final design.
  • We add irregularities it the lab porcelain to create translucency and surface texture to break up the light so you don’t light up the break room at work or blind someone on the golf course. The surface should not be bowling ball smooth.
  • Bring the doctor photos of you from the past and present. We don’t want to put you in the witness protection program; we want you still look like “you”.
  • Also bring in pictures of your favorite teeth from magazine photos to use as a guide.

Let stay tuned three to four weeks from now and check on Mr. Roker’s teeth. Porcelain veneers with a 100% chance of a knockout smile; we hope.

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