All That You Need To Know About Sinus Lift

All That You Need To Know About Sinus Lift

Sep 01, 2019

Most of us might be facing several dental problems such as tooth loss and cavity mostly due to our unhealthy eating habits. We undergo various oral treatments such as fillings and implants when any kind of dental problem occurs. Sinus lift is one such dental treatment.

Sinus lift is a common oral surgery that is performed by dentists to make sure that you can get implants even after bone loss. At Dr. Mitchell Josephs’ Dentistry, sinus lift procedure is performed in the most efficient and best way possible. To get the best sinus lift in palm beach, visit Dr. Mitchell Josephs’ Dentistry.

What is Sinus Lift?

Sinus lift is also known as sinus graft or augmentation. Sinus lift is an oral surgery performed to make sure that enough bone is available for a proper dental implant. When a molar or premolar tooth is lost, it leads to a bone loss in that area. Sinus lift adds bone to that area by lifting the sinus membrane towards the upper jaw area. It is most important for the dental implants that are done in the maxilla. It is generally performed by a dental specialist commonly known as periodontist.

For those people, who have lost more than one teeth, dentists generally perform sinus lift for dental implants.

Procedure for Sinus Lift:

Sinus lift might sound a little scary by its description but it is a very common surgical procedure. Some important steps need to be followed while performing this surgery:

  • Using anesthesia for the sinus lift area
  • Giving conscious sedation to the patient
  • Raising a small flap of gum in the sinus lift area
  • Cutting out a small window out of the bone in the sinus lift area
  • Pushing up the membrane lining on the other side of the sinus
  • Separating the membrane from the jaw to create a space
  • Placing the bone material at the place of sinus
  • Once the bone is placed properly, the tissues are closed with stitches
  • Placing the dental implants after a few months

Side-effects and risks related to Sinus Lift:

Although the procedure is quite helpful for those who need dental implants, it also has several risks associated with it. Some of the side-effects and risks include:

  • Sinus membrane could be affected severely. It could be torn or damaged. If it is not repaired even after stitching, the surgeon may stop the sinus lift procedure for a few months.
  • There might be some swelling in the area where sinus lift is performed
  • There might be some bleeding from the nose
  • There is a risk of pain and infection in the affected area
  • Dental implants could only be placed after a proper time is given for the healing of the sinus lift area
  • Sometimes, the existing bone might not integrate with the additional graft material used in the procedure. If this situation occurs, it will become difficult for surgeons to place dental implants.

After-care and Maintenance:

There are a few things that the patient who has undergone sinus lift surgery has to keep in mind. Some of them are:

  • Taking proper care of the affected area by regular flossing and brushing.
  • Taking care of your day-to-day oral hygiene
  • Approach the dentist immediately, if bleeding or any other problem occurs
  • Proper use of gauge to ensure normal pressure on the affected area
  • Following any antibiotic course or other medication provided by the surgeon or dentist
  • Visiting the dentists for regular checkups and oral examinations
  • Avoiding unhealthy eating habits such as hard nuts, junk food, etc.
  • Avoid eating for few hours after the surgery is done.

Along with following all these necessary steps and suggestions by various experts, it is always advised to ensure personal care of your oral health. Also, if you are thinking of dental implants or sinus lift surgery make sure to do proper research and visit the best cosmetic, implants and general dentistry near you.

Why not visit Dr. Mitchell Josephs’ cosmetic, implants and general dentistry. This dentistry has a compassionate and experienced team of dentist in palm beach, FL who are experts in performing sinus lift surgery in palm beach. So schedule an appointment today at Dr. Mitchell Josephs’ dentistry for solving all your dental problems.

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