Dental patients are often advised by their dentists about what dental procedure is appropriate for them. However, the patient also has opportunities to choose their mode of treatment sometimes. In dentistry, various dental treatments have been made available for different dental problems. Notwithstanding, getting the best dental treatment will enhance your dental structure and make you happy. Ever heard of dental bridges? See a dentist in West Palm Beach today, for an effective dental bridge procedure.

Dental bridges are dental treatments that are used to bridge or fill a large gap that is caused by a missing tooth or teeth. They are artificial teeth (pontics) that can perform natural teeth duties and also give your dental structure a beautiful appearance. When a person’s tooth or teeth goes missing, the person’s facial and dental appearance becomes awkward. This is the reason why a dental bridge is required.

During dental bridge placement, an abutment is needed to help the artificial tooth or teeth stay firm. The artificial tooth will be placed in between the abutment thereby helping the artificial tooth bridge the gap between the missing tooth or teeth and the surrounding teeth. It might also interest you to know that dental bridges can consist of different types. You can read further to know more about the different kinds of dental bridges.

Note that in cases where the patient has too many missing teeth, a full-mouth restoration might be needed and the patient would have to speak to the dentist concerning other dental procedures that can be of help.

Benefits Of Dental Bridge Placement

Dental bridges are useful and important in various ways.

They are used to prevent and heal chewing and talking problems that may occur after a person’s tooth or teeth are misplaced.

Also, as earlier stated, they help enhance your dental structure and facial appearance. You can say they are restorative and cosmetic. They allow you to smile confidently and beautifully.

They also prevent problems from the surrounding teeth close to the missing tooth or teeth. When a person’s teeth go missing, the surrounding teeth might change their position to the missing teeth’ position. This can cause the teeth to look crooked. By replacing the missing tooth, you can avoid the surrounding teeth from leaving their position.

Dental Bridge Types

As earlier stated, there are different types of dental bridges to help give you an effective and satisfying treatment. You can get all types of dental bridges in Palm Beach FL.

  • Traditional Dental Bridges: If you have heard of the toughest and strongest dental bridge, then it has to be traditional dental bridges. They are very common and are the longest stayed dental bridge. For the traditional dental bridge to be placed, there has to be a dental crown. The dental crown is placed closed to the pontic (fake tooth) to allow it to stay correctly. They are often made up of metal. Dentists often use traditional dental bridges for back teeth restoration because of their tough features.
  • Cantilever Dental Bridges: Patients who have healthy surrounding teeth are the best candidates for cantilever dental bridge placement. For cantilever dental bridges, a dental crown is needed for only one side of the fake tooth instead of both sides. They are also made up of porcelain materials which makes them look like actual teeth. They can also be used for aesthetic reasons since they look natural. However, they are not as strong as traditional dental bridges which are made up of metal. For patients who are fond of grinding their teeth, a cantilever dental bridge is not the right option because they can wear out easily if they are placed under intense activities. You can see a dentist near you if your cantilever dental bridges get damaged.
  • Maryland Dental Bridges: Just like cantilever dental bridges, Maryland dental bridges are made up of porcelain materials that have a natural tooth appearance. Also, they don’t require too much support from dental crowns. Dentists often recommend Maryland dental bridges for front teeth restoration. Back then Maryland dental bridges were often supported with metal wings. However, due to the improvement in dentistry, there are porcelain wings that look like natural teeth which can also blend with your teeth color and give you a beautiful dental appearance. You can visit our dental office in Palm Beach for your Maryland dental bridge placement.

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