Anxiety-Free Veneers, Implants and Crowns

Anxiety-Free Veneers, Implants and Crowns

Jul 13, 2023

Q: How does your office deal with phobic patients?

A: If you have been reading my column since 2004, you might recall the story of Dr. Friedman, the psychologist from NY. He and I shared the waiting room on Central Park West and 95th Street. He had more ivy league degrees on his wall, to the point where you couldn’t see the paint. (To be honest, I think one diploma was from his third-grade art teacher.)  Let’s just say the guy was EXTEMELY well educated and apparently, an award-winning tie-dye artist.

One slow summer day with a very light patient schedule, he approached me with a look of annoyance and asked: “Don’t you have any dental phobic patients to refer to me?”

I looked perplexed and told him: “Hey Sigmond! OBVIOUSLY, those patients never make it into the dental office!” He smiled and responded: “PURE GENIUS; YOU’RE RIGHT!”

For those with fear of the dentist, here is what we can do:

  • Halcion 45 min. before the visit to relax you like a martini on an empty stomach
  • Electronic anesthesia, a high-tech alternative to traditional shots; virtually painless
  • Armoatherapy
  • TV’s in the operatories with relaxing images (No stock market scrolls)
  • Squeeze balls. (Hold back your giggles)
  • Warm heavy blankets; same as the ones to calm a dog during thunder storms.
  • Neck pillows
  • Stuffy toys; dolls. (No voodoo versions of your dentist)
  • Low level lighting
  • Electric drills to reduce noise.
  • Allow for patient breaks during the visit.
  • For those that “cant get numb” we use Articaine.
  • Cover any “scary looking” instruments
  • Eliminating the gag reflex with digital impressions; no goop!
  • Shorter appointments; work fast, don’t dilly dally.

“And wait there’s more”………  You just have to show up!

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