Avoid Gold Tooth Grills

Avoid Gold Tooth Grills

Q: I want a shiny gold grill for my teeth. Is this bad?

A: There are barbeque grills. Automobile grills. Bar and grills. And then there are dental grills. Popular. Trendy. Shiny. It’s easy to see why you’d want to upgrade your smile with a few more carrots, er carats. The American Dental Association (ADA) actually says no studies have shown grills as harmful. But they also haven’t found any studies that have proven them to be safe either. So if you’re considering adding a bejeweled accessory to your mouth, get all the facts first to make sure this bling is for you.

What Are Teeth Grills?

Sometimes referred to as fronts or “grillz” as they’re widely shared, dental grills came onto the popular culture scene thanks to hip hop artists and famous athletes donning them out in public and social media. Often removable, grills are:

  • Made from gold or silver
  • Encrusted with jewels
  • Fitted over a single tooth or snap over multiple teeth
  • Sometimes mistaken for crowns that resemble grills.
  • Usually constructed by your dentist.
  • Found online or at jewelers as a more affordable DIY option

If you’re serious about getting fit for teeth grills, see your dentists for their expertise.

What Are The Dental Risks with Teeth Grills?

There are a variety of risks that you take on should decide to get teeth grills.

  • Food, debris, and bacteria : They can all be tightly packed and trapped between your teeth and grill, which can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath
  • Glue : Any glue adhesive containing certain chemicals needed to attach a grill to your teeth could cause harm to your teeth and gums
  • Abrasion : Grills could easily scrape away the enamel needed to keep your teeth healthy
  • Allergies : You may be allergic to the metal and other materials that make up your grill
  • Chewing and speaking : A large grill in the wrong position could negatively affect your chewing and speaking.

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