Avoid the Lumineer Technique

Avoid the Lumineer Technique

Q: I saw an ad for Lumineers which claimed: “No shots and no drilling” of the tooth enamel to place porcelain veneers for a new smile. Is this true? If it is, why would anyone do it any other way?

A: Hello! I am a Nigerian prince stuck at the London metro station. Please wire funds to pay for my flight back home and I will reward you handsomely with a wonderful heard of goats. (By now I think you got my point.)

Lumineers are basically contact lenses for teeth; extremely thin, translucent porcelain facings made in one massive, factory-like laboratory that are glued to the fronts of teeth without reducing any tooth enamel. Problems? Dude!They easily chip, inflame the gums, let too much of the ugly dark tooth color shine through that you were trying to cover in the first place, they are bulky since you are slapping them on top of your teeth with no enamel reduction and the lab tech who makes them remains completely anonymous and has no face to face contact with the patient or doctor.

Very few, if any, patients are candidates for Lumineers. Consider Empress veneers as the gold standard for creating amazing smiles.

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