Avoiding Cavities underneath your Veneers

Avoiding Cavities underneath your Veneers

Q: If I get porcelain veneers, can I still get cavities on my teeth?

A: First my rant: I was dragged to a vegan restaurant this past weekend. I am pretty open to try things, but nothing tasted good. When someone tells you the cheese on your pizza is made from cashews; I should have said “check please!” It seems like everything was made from cashews, including the cashews. After they boxed up all three of our leftovers, we all fought about who had to take them home. We wound up giving it to the valet parking team. I would not be surprised if they then handed over to the security team.

Veneers are thin facings of porcelain that are permanently affixed to the fronts of the teeth. This is the ultimate way to change your smile which can include changing the shape, alignment and color. Your teeth can look like your old teeth, but just lighter, or you can go wild and enter the witness protection program. Seriously though we can make crowded teeth look perfectly straight. We can close gaps and lengthen teeth that have been worn down. All this in three visits over four weeks with no pain. Well done veneer cases can last years if not decades.

If veneers are done right and you floss and brush daily as well as visit your hygienist regularly for cleanings and fluoride treatments, you should not get cavities under veneers.

Doing them right in our office involves digital no-goop impressions, 3D printing and a specialized dental lab that are masters in veneers. We take pride in making the temporary set of veneers look so good, that we use it as a design guide allowing you to get the smile you chose from the beginning. With 33 years of experience in veneers, most of my patients leave it up to me to design their case, but some still bring in photos of when they were younger or pictures of celebrity’s smiles.

Should you get a cavity under a veneer, it can be treated with tooth colored resin fillings or remaking the veneer.

Beautiful, strong and not made of cashews, veneers are the ultimate way to look at least ten years younger.

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