Bone Grafting Dentistry- Here’s All You Need To Know

Bone Grafting Dentistry- Here’s All You Need To Know

Oct 01, 2019

With the advancement of science and technology making lives simpler and easier with each passing day its reaches have cracked the fix even to our broken bones! Bone grafting is no miracle, it is one of the many ways that can help you fix even the worst of fractures.

Bone grafting helps even those patients whose bones have been rendered weak and insufficiently non-supportive, by artificial techniques or with the help of portions of your bones, doctors with the help of a graft help your broken bones to rebuild and regenerate themselves. The portion of the graft is just attached to the area that needs regeneration and helps the bones with the necessary support to build for their own. Owing to this new surgical technique even dentists can fill up the places where a tooth has been extracted pain-free.

While undergoing any dental surgery that requires a dental implant there may be possibilities of bone grafting. This is a necessary procedure for your overall dental health. Bone grafting dentistry is a step to proper and better dental implants. Dental implants need a strong and firm jawbone to support the implant for a long-term healthy implant. To be aware of all the surgical procedures necessary for bone grafting for a dental implant, contact The Palm Beach Dentist today.

The modern-day dentistry is up with all the new technologies that have made all the procedures painless and smooth. The bone grafting surgery in dentistry is also one such surgical procedure. Making it convenient for the patient and the doctor, the modern-day dentistry uses the techniques of bone grafting for long-term satisfaction of both.


Bone grafting surgery is a technique that helps heal a bone fracture by giving it the necessary time to regenerate itself naturally. Also known as bone augmentation, this procedure is one in which using a portion of the bone from the patient’s own body or an artificial bone-like structure that is placed in the void of the bone fracture. This procedure mainly aims at promotion of the growth of the new bone that consumes the graft material into the new bone. The surgery requires the use of general anaesthesia to render the area numb, the graft is then placed in the void. The graft is so prepared that it contains materials like collagen that promote the growth of new bones. The graft gives the growing bone space and sufficient support to grow.


Patients who due to any conditions have had cases where their bones are not strong enough to support the growth of new bones can be benefitted by this method. Bone grafting for dental implants requires the installation of a graft in the implant area close to the jawbone and the jaw tissue, the new bone grows as such that it completely consumes the graft. The new jawbone is prepared and strong enough to support the dental implant.

Most often if the bone grafting is done at the time of tooth extraction. It proves beneficial for the patients, as it helps them heal faster and their bones are more readily healing for the dental implant. Patients with severe oral conditions can also be benefitted from this procedure. They can have strong jawbones to support their dental implants.

Once done with the bone grafting and the dental implant your dentist might advise you certain methods to protect your tooth from further damage. It usually takes about nine months for a dental implant to heal completely, during which time adherence to all the necessary precautions would prove beneficial.

For radiant and healthy oral treatments the procedure of dental implant should be preceded by bone grafting, as it provides the necessary stature to your jawbone for the implant. The fear of bone grafting in the minds of dental patients should be cleared by proper guidance and awareness. They should be aware of the procedure and its necessity. To clear the minds of all such fears and doubts one must visit the nearest Palm Beach Dentist for best advice and treatment.

Bone grafting for dental patients can still be a nightmare, fearing the surgery that it involves in its procedure. But to be sure of a painless and hassle-free experience, giving you the best results, you must visit dental specialists in Palm Beach, Florida.

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