Can’t get off Blood Thinners? Go with Incision-Free Implants

Can’t get off Blood Thinners? Go with Incision-Free Implants

Dec 01, 2021

Q: I am on blood thinners and I need four lower implants to allow a denture to clip on to. My doctor won’t let me come off the Coumadin. Can I still have this work done?

A: When I attended McGill University back in the mid 80’s, which is an English school located in a French Province, they give me a book entitled: Hospital French for Americans. Since everyone spoke to me in English in Montreal (after seeing my NY Jets T-Shirt) I decided to only pick two phrases to learn by blindly opening to a page and pointing. I came up with: Avez-vous déjà cracher du sang avant?”And  “Remplissez-le sans plomb.” “Have you ever spit up blood before?” And: “Fill it up, unleaded.”Not the most useful ice breakers at the bars on Cresent Street.

I perform many implant surgeries on patients taking daily aspirin, Coumadin, Effiant, Xerelto and many other blood thinners. For the ones that absolutely cannot come off of them, we use a flapless technique that eliminates the scalpel, flaps, stitches and a second surgery three to four months later to uncover the implants to attach the crown.

A special rotary tissue punch gains access to the underlying bone. After the implant is screwed into the bone, a small metal cap is placed, protruding through the gum line, preventing a need to cut the gum a second time to uncover the implant for impression taking. We can even take a digital, no-goop, impression immediately for the lab to make your crown. Great slides on this at my next FREE seminar; details below.

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