Choosing a Dental Office for 2024

Choosing a Dental Office for 2024

Q: How does a layperson like myself evaluate dental offices to see if they are up to date? I know I am going to need some major implant and crown and bridge work, but also want to find problems early before they become expensive.

A: I always know when  the “season” has arrived, as many diners in my favorite restaurant Saturday night smelled like mothballs. (Unpacking sweaters that have been hibernating since Memorial Day weekend with not a moth alive from Boca to Boston.)

“must-have” technologies for an up-to-date dental practice.  1) Dexshield: Combines digital X-rays with special radiation filtering to massively decrease exposure. 2) Virtually painless injections with C.C.S. :computer controlled syringes. 3) iTero Element: space-age video 3D digital technology replaces gagging goop molds FROREVER! 4) J.I.I.M.: Josephs Incision-less Implant Method, or “Jims”; no scalpel, no stitches bringing you from implant to crown in as little as 8 weeks by using Osstell, a sound wave meter that let’s you know your implant has finished healing. 5) New alternatives to crowns 6) Natural veneers, not Chicklets.7) The intra oral camera for diagnosing problems X-rays cant find; think of it as a “colonoscopy, but from the other end! And, you don’t need to be asleep. There’s a visual!

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