Complications from Dental Implant Surgery

Complications from Dental Implant Surgery

Q: My mom had implants and had them removed as none of them took. Should she try again and how can this fiasco be avoided?

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Let’s lay out the list of possible complications to dental implant surgery.

Early-stage, just after the surgery:

  • Infection
  • Edema “swelling”
  • Ecchymosis and hematomas (bruising)
  • Bleeding
  • Flap dehiscence: (incision opening.)
  • Sensory disorders (loss of feeling in the lip, face tongue or cheek.)

Later complications; weeks, months or years later:

  • Sinus perforations and sinusitis
  • Failed osseointegration: What happen to your mom, bone did not fuse to implant
  • Boney defects/ peri-implantitis: gum disease and bone loss around the implants
  • Peri -apical implant lesions: infections at the tip of the implant, similar to a root canal infection.

More details on how to prevent them and how to treat them at my November 8th seminar. Details below.

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