Corinne Josephs Passes Away at 92

Corinne Josephs Passes Away at 92

Some sad news this week, my mom succumbed to the final stages of Alzheimer’s and died in her sleep last Monday. She moved to an assisted living facility back in 2021, leaving her apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan where she and my dad lived since the mid 80’s. My dad passed in 2011 at 80 years of age.

It’s a weird feeling to no longer have a set of parents to connect me to my childhood. The  word “orphan” is thrown around by many folks, but I doubt there is an orphanage that is finding foster parents for a middle aged dentist. (Although, I am pretty tidy and I promise I wont talk back to a new set of parents). I would be a great kid to adopt; I am at that cute age where one is potty trained, walks, talks and pays their own taxes.

When treatment planning a cosmetic case, such as veneers or crowns, I always tell patients to “be prepared that friends will ask you strange questions such as : “you look great; did you get a new hairstyle, or color? Did you loose weight? Are you working out more?” And to quote my mom, when I did her veneers: “Did you just get back from a vacation; you look so well rested and relaxed?”

I love her quote. Those comments reveal you new smile looks natural; not like a rack of Chicklets!

I wish you all the best with your own aging loved ones. God Bless.

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