Cosmetic Dentistry without the Shots

Cosmetic Dentistry without the Shots

Q: I want porcelain veneers, but am allergic to many of the anesthetics used to numb teeth and quite frankly am scared of the shots. Any ideas?

A: Porcelain veneers are thin facings of porcelain that are permanently fixed to the fronts of teeth improving the shape and color tremendously. And unlike tooth bonding, they do not stain and can last a life time. (The veneers in my own mouth were placed when Monica Lewinsky was on TV every two seconds.)

Unlike crowns (caps) we do NOT need to shave down the tooth to a small cylinder or stump. We only reduce 8/10th’s of a millimeter of enamel with diamond coated rotary instruments; about the thickness of your thumbnail. This allows the necessary amount of space needed to accommodate the veneers. If the doctor does not reduce enough enamel, your veneers will protrude outwards too much. (You don’t want your teeth to enter the room before you do!)

The amount of tooth reduction in our technique is so minimal, 99% of our cases are done with no shots of anesthetic!

Check out the veneer gallery on our website.

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