Cosmetic teeth whitening, do you qualify?

Cosmetic teeth whitening, do you qualify?

Jun 01, 2023

Q: What is the best way to whiten my teeth?

A: We have had good results with an in-office power bleaching process called Opalescence Boost.

First of all, you need to be examined first to see if you are a candite for any whitening process.
You are NOT a candidate if:

  • You have metal, porcelain or composite (bonding) on your front teeth
  • You have decay or periodontal disease
  • You have white spots on your teeth.
  • You have gray teeth vs. yellow. Gray teeth are usually found in patients over 40.
  • Your teeth are very sensitive to cold
  • The above issues warrant the need for porcelain veneers; thin facings of porcelain adhered to the fronts of the teeth for a permanent change in color and improvements in the shape of the teeth if desired.

If you don’t have any of the above pre-existing conditions, then we recommend Opalescence Boost.

How Opalescence Teeth Whitening Works

The secret is the viscosity of the Opalescence teeth whitening gel applied several times to the teeth during the visit. It is a sticky, viscous composition for the gel to stay in place and provide sustained peroxide release for superior whitening results. Opalescence teeth whitening gel’s distinctive viscosity keeps the gel in place, allowing the peroxide to enter your enamel and do its job.

Teeth whitening occurs as oxygen molecules from the whitening agent spread throughout the tooth and react with the discolored molecules in your teeth. This means that the entire tooth is whitened, even if the whitening gel isn’t in contact with every part of the enamel. This safe, non-invasive, and effective whitening method is what has made Opalescence teeth whitening the global leader in professional teeth whitening and trusted by dentists and patients alike.

Opalescence teeth whitening has helped millions of people brighten their smiles, giving them more confidence and improving their quality of life. It can do the same for you! Explore your whitening possibilities by calling us today.

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