Dangerous and  illegal’ tooth trend: Veneer Techs

Dangerous and illegal’ tooth trend: Veneer Techs

I just want to thank the many friends, patients, coworkers and readers of my column for the very thoughtful expressions of sympathy for the passing of my mother, Corinne Josephs on April 21st.

I believe that wherever she is, she is nagging me to write thank you cards just as she did after my Bar Mitzvah back in 1976. (Back then CB radios and telescopes were popular gifts, however due to financial limitations in the Josephs’ household, I got a used backgammon test with an old Band Aide left behind.) I’ll get on those thank you cards ASAP!

What are Veneer Techs?

It’s a rapidly emerging “career opportunity. Individuals with no previous medical experience can learn the science and artistry of this cosmetic procedure in a fraction of the time. These “Veneer Tech” classes are taught in a strip mall by someone in a white coat with no training, no degree, and no malpractice insurance. All you need is $5500 and two free days. Who needs medical school, a PHD, and a two-year residency, am I right?  

These are not doctors nor are they CDT’s, certified dental technicians who make your crowns and veneers in licensed dental labs FOR your doctor.

The only correct response to everything stated above is a resounding NO. 

What is a Veneer Tech?

“Veneer Tech” is a misleading and infuriating buzz term used to disguise what’s actually occurring – illegal, unlicensed dentistry. It’s not only financially predatory, it’s incredibly dangerous that can lead to devastating health complications. 

  • A “Veneer Tech” comes from the same place as the tooth fairy – someone’s imagination. It’s not a thing; neither is a braces tech. The idea of anyone not qualified, not skilled, not licensed to place instruments capable of moving teeth and changing the shape of your face is actual nightmare fuel.
  • “Veneer Techs” not only claim to provide veneers using non-medical grade supplies from Temu and Amazon; some also offer a two-day “certification” course. The sticker price is five racks; but we promise you that the Etsy, Canva, or Adobe certificate they provide is not worth the cost of the paper it’s printed on.
  • But, there’s Lash Techs. Do you mean an Esthetician? A hair or nail tech? They’re actually called Cosmetologists. And guess what – they all have state issued licenses. So, if someone needs a license and certification to do your hair, manicure, facial, and lash extensions, what kind of education and training do you think is required for someone to dive head first into someone’s mouth?

people are supposedly spending thousands of dollars to become veneer technicians, “and that’s not even legal,”

I understand dentistry can be expensive; however, resorting to illegal practices will compromise your tooth structure, and it will leave you with way more troubles.


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