Dental and Personal New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

Dental and Personal New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

As promised, here are my own personal resolutions as well as some dental ones for you:

1. I will no longer cut my toenails over the kitchen sink. (Especially in restaurants.)

2. You will floss at least once per day and understand that the Water Pic is an adjunct to floss; not a substitute. Floss, brush, Water Pic and rinse. Turn off all news channels and go to sleep.

3. When eating at the table, I will no longer bring my mouth down to one inch above the plate as I scoop food into my mouth. (Let’s just say I will never be invited by the Queen for tea.)

4. If you are missing teeth, make sure to replace them with an implant ASAP; the bone will atrophy to the point that future implants may fail or will not be able to be placed. And, your teeth will collapse into the spaces causing tooth loss and a gaunt look in the face.

5. Before and after using gym equipment, I will wipe it down with antibacterial spays or wipes, especially after I see that sweaty, skinny guy from the gym use it before me. (Oh wait. That was me!)

6. It is best to spruce up your smile soon, as Zoom conferencing may be around for a while which magnifies your teeth tremendously to your audience. Consider whitening or veneers. Check if your discolored and crooked lower teeth show when you speak. (Check out the veneer gallery on our website for tons of awesome cases.)

7. When I did veneers on my Mom over 22 years ago, I remember her telling me that people asked her if she had “taken a vacation” because she looked “so well-rested.” In a few short weeks, my sisters and I will be moving my 89-year-old Mom with Alzheimer’s into an assisted living facility in NYC. I promise this year I will still make effort to call her just to say “I love you” weather she remembers me or not.

I just want to say thank you to those that read my column and to the many patients who have supported my staff and I during the past 28 years, especially this crazy year of 2020! My only wish is that everybody seriously considers taking the vaccine; it truly is our only hope. See you in 2021 with some more humor and some dental knowledge tossed in there for good luck! God Bless.

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