Digital impression for implants

Digital impression for implants

Dec 01, 2023

Q: My husband and I loved your last seminar. You spoke a lot about the digital impressions that are replacing the clay-like “yucky” molds. How is this related to implant work?

A: Thank you for the positive feedback! In my business, most people try to keep as far away as possible and when they do show up, they often spit on the floor, missing the little sink entirely! (Wait. I might be thinking of the men’s room at Yankee Stadium.)

Since 2008 my practice tossed out the goopy molds and replaced them with a digital scanner called iTero that takes 3D images of the teeth which are emailed to a special lab that creates robot-milled virtual models. I do all my veneers, inlays, crowns and bridges this way and now…Implants.

After an implant is placed in the bone, a special post called a scanning abutment is attached to the top of the implant, protruding above the gum line. We than wave the scanning wand over the post and adjacent teeth and simply email the 3D image to a special lab for fabrication of the abutment (connecting stump) and the final crown or bridge which will be cemented or screwed down to the implant below. No goop, no fuss, no mess!

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