Do Painless Injections for Dental Procedures Exist?

Do Painless Injections for Dental Procedures Exist?

One of the goals of dental treatment is to relieve patients of any pain or discomfort they are experiencing. It is, therefore, an irony that the same injection you get to prepare you for dental procedures has to put you through additional pain before you’re finally able to get relief. While injections are an effective way of delivering anesthesia to patients, it may not be suitable for certain categories of patients. These are patients that suffer from severe dental phobia and are completely terrified by even the simplest of procedures like oral exams.

The Use of Injections in Dentistry

Dental injections are usually given at the beginning of a procedure to anesthetize patients before any dental work begins. This is usually necessary because some procedures are quite invasive. Your teeth, gums, and jaws consist of a complex system of nerves that can easily be activated in the middle of a procedure. However, once an injection is given, the anesthesia is delivered to the targeted area, and it becomes numb, eliminating any pain or discomfort as the dentist works on you. This facilitates a smooth procedure where the dentist can effectively work on you for quality results. So, in general, the whole idea is to improve your dental experience.

Dental injections are really useful, but the only drawback is that the conventional methods used to administer it, cause some level of pain before taking effect. The good thing, though, is that dentistry has evolved over the years, and most dentists can now offer painless injections to their patients.

Painless Injections

Dr. Mitchell A. Josephs in Palm Beach, FL, is focused on improving patient’s experiences by embracing the painless injection technology. He uses VibraJect Injection, a small device that facilitates the administration of anesthesia without pain. It is a simple and affordable way to eliminate pain and discomfort during dental injections.

VibraJect works by producing mild vibrating sensations that usually over-ride pain signals from the infection. This design is based on the gate control theory, which suggests that painless input causes the nerve gates to painful input to close., thus preventing pain sensations from reaching the brain. So, since the nerve endings associated with temperature and pain are small, uninsulated, and have a low signal intensity, using an injection with VibraJect will cause the brain to first respond to the vibration. This is because the nerves responding to pressure and vibration is large, insulated, and have a high signal intensity.

Basically, the VibraJect works by tricking the brain to only recognize the vibrating sensations, while an injection is being delivered. It is worth it for both the dentist and the patient. Patients are able to receive much-needed anesthesia in a quick and comfortable way while the dentist can work effectively with ease, knowing that the patient is comfortable. It is also affordable and easy to use, making it within reach of most dentists.

Benefits of Painless Injections in Palm Beach, Florida

Painless injections like VibraJect are suitable for almost all types of patients. They can be used on ordinary patients, just to improve their dental experience or for those with dental phobia. Pediatric patients can also benefit from these kinds of injections. So, if you have been one of those people that have been avoiding getting dental care because of injection pain, you can try the VibraJect injections at our clinic in celebration for the upcoming Father’s Day.

In almost all cases where the VibraJect painless injections are used, there is no need for additional topical anesthesia. The technique is also very effective for maxillary injections and for numbing the mandible compared to the traditional mandibular block injections. Dentists also find it extremely useful for single-tooth anesthesia without the use of topical anesthesia and without the numbing effect on the cheek, tongue, and lips.

To learn more about painless injections and how you can benefit from them, book an appointment for a personalized consultation with our highly skilled dentist. Besides VibraJect, we have also invested in other modern equipment and skills that aim to give you a pleasant yet effective dental experience.

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