Do You Have a Gummy Smile?

Do You Have a Gummy Smile?

Q: I noticed a woman at my church the other day that has a smile that shows way too much gum. I see more red than I do white when she speaks or smiles, especially when she laughs. The color of her teeth seem ok, but the extra gums just ruins everything! I know she can afford the best in dental care; what has she been avoiding to make her look better?

A: You’re as bad as me; checking out everyone’s teeth at your local house-of-worship! We just can’t help ourselves. I’m sure tailor’s do the same thing: “Look at that hemline! It’s Sunday mass; what is she thinking?! Never let your fingers be shorter than your hemline.”

Maxillary gingival excess: the dreaded “gummy smile”. Many times this is treated along with cosmetic work such as porcelain veneers and metal-free crowns. As long as the gums are healthy and the condition is not caused by medications such as Dilantin, asthma inhalers and seizure medications, here is what we do:

  • If only the gums have overgrown, and no bone-involvement exists, we use a diode laser to remove the excess gingiva under local anesthesia before taking the final digital, no-goop impressions for the cosmetic dental work.
  • If the bone between the teeth is also in excess, we perform crown-lengthening surgery which involves opening a flap, reshaping the bone and suturing the gum back to a higher position, allowing the lip to drape down and hide the gum line, like a falling curtain at the end of a show.
  • If you are not in need of any cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers or crowns, we can inject specific muscles to the left and right of the nostrils with Botox to stop them from pulling up your lip when smiling or speaking.

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