Does it really make a difference who I go to for just a crown?

Does it really make a difference who I go to for just a crown?

Oct 27, 2020

Q: I just moved to the area, but before I left my doctor told me I need a crown. Does it really matter who I go to; finances are an issue?

First, today’s rant: I read a study that just came out in a dental journal with the scary title of: “Patient aggression toward dentists.” The statistics were astonishing: Almost 50% of dentists reported experiencing at least one act of physical aggression from a patient during any point in their careers, and almost 25% reported this happening in the past year! And, 74% reported verbal aggression including threats of violence during their careers with 55% getting hammered during the last year. (This include slamming or throwing a credit card in anger at or near the doctor or his staff.) Let us not wait until March 6th, national dentist day, to be kind to our oral healthcare specialists.

Although a crown may not vary from office to office as far as its chemical composition, the treatment rendered to make the crown varies tremendously based on how high tech the office is. This can affect patient comfort and the longevity of the crown.

Here is what we do and why it takes only 20 minutes and not two hours in the dental chair:

  1. If desired, patients can take one small dose of Halcion 45 min before the visit to relax.
  2. Electronic anesthesia injection machines vs the old chrome hypodermic syringe and needle after Profound brand numbing gel is applied to tissues.
  3. The Dental Vibe which vibrates the bone and gum to stop the pain fibers from firing.
  4. The Vibraject to vibrate the needle to stop the pain stimulus from reaching the brain
  5. Electric diamond drills vs high pitched air turbine drills to quickly shape the tooth and remove decay and old fillings.
  6. Diode lasers to prepare the gum for the impression vs. the old packing of thick cords to push the gum out of the way.
  7. Digital no-goop 3D scans of the tooth in a matter of seconds
  8. Lab turnover times of 7 to 14 days vs three to four weeks by.

Use the above as a high tech checklist to evaluate an office for your crown treatment.

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