Don’t Avoid the dentist due to Injection Fears

Don’t Avoid the dentist due to Injection Fears

Nov 27, 2022

Q: I need tons of dental work but I can’t bear getting those shots! Is there any technology that has replaced the use of needles?

A: Unfortunately, the number one reason why 1/3rd of the population has left the dental office for years is fear of the shot. The shot has even beat the fees or loss of time and even the often “scary” chemical smell of the dental office as the number one deterrent.

Once in a while a patient has a positive dental experience from their past and the one I hear the most is how their old dentists shook their cheek rapidly. (And that was just in the waiting room!) Just kidding, it was while giving the shot to numb the teeth to distract from the pain.

I have been in the tooth biz for over 34 years and have seen gadgets come and go. Some are evolutionary, but some are truly revolutionary. Every once in while a break through item comes along: Example; no-goop digital impressions with the iTero Element. This has revolutionized dentistry replacing traditional mold taking for crowns on natural teeth, implant crowns, veneers and bridges.

Now ask your dentist about the Super Pen Dental Anesthesia Device for painless injections. Get rid of all your fears on getting shots at the dentist for good. This pen-like device will change your mind forever on dental injections. A small computer-controlled motor pumps the anesthetic liquid slowly, while playing music for a great added auditory distraction! This awesome device also has an aspiration function that makes sure that the drug is not being injected directly in to a blood vessel, causing your heart to race or more serious reactions.

To assure comfortable injections we use an additional device called the Dental Vibe which vibrates your jaw next to the tooth getting worked on, blocking pain stimuli from traveling to your brain.

Give us a call for more information on this incredible method of giving comfortable injections.

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