Electronic Anesthesia for Veneers and Implants

Electronic Anesthesia for Veneers and Implants

Q I have several missing teeth, which need to be replaced with implants and crowns, and others that I think just need veneers. The problem is my fear of shots and pain. What can be done with someone like me?

A: A third of the population does not go to the dentist. What is the number one reason they don’t go? It’s not financial or a time issue; it’s fear of pain. And what they fear most pain from the needle. Now I wouldn’t mind if the third that is not going to the dentist are all flossing and have no issues, but in most cases they are downing fruit rollups and Mountain Dew from a bowling alley vending machine.

Weather we are creating killer smiles with porcelain laminate veneers or replacing all or some of patient’s teeth with dental implants, we numb up the teeth the same way; a most hi-tech device that causes no pain during an injection.

The Comfort Control Syringe (CCS):

  • Not the scary chrome Three Stooges hypodermic syringe form the 1800’s
  • Uses a computer controlled pump expressing the anesthetic very slowly to eliminate the pain of the fluid being jammed into a tight space
  • Incorporates a special “palate” setting for those pesky shots to the roof of the mouth; if it feels pressure, it pulls back and slows down even more, eliminating pain.
  • A Vibraject and Dental Vibe vibrator attached to the device and pressed against the injection site, will vibrate the needle over 400,000 times per second like a humming birds wings, blocking the pain stimuli from getting to your brain.
  • Performs an “aspiration” check on demand: A reversing of the syringe’s pump to make sure the needle is not injecting into a major blood vessel resulting in an ugly facial black and blue side effect called a hematoma.

You have choices in getting numbed up at the dentist’s office. Ask how they administer their local anesthetic. Modern and up-to-date, or Curly, Moe and Larry?

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