Fast dentist or Slow Dentist; which is better?

Fast dentist or Slow Dentist; which is better?

Nov 01, 2023

Q: I had a slow dentist that took 2+ hours to do one crown and 5hours for doing 8 veneers. I could not open my mouth for a sub sandwich for 6 weeks. I was sore when chewing for weeks being jacked open for hours in the dental chair.

Now the issue I have is my new DDS, is so fast I am afraid he is not concentrating or has a plane to catch! Should I be concerned?

A: Funny story: When I took over this practice 30 years ago from the retiring doctor who had been here since 1958, the patients would call him at night and complain: “Why am I paying the same fee that I paid you when this young “kid” has me in and out of his chair in 20 minutes?! You took two hours and really earned your fee!”

Dr. M. called me and told me: “until the patients get used to my speed and earn my trust, step out of the operatory every few minutes and look at a magazine, take a leak or call your wife to stretch out the time a bit!” (The order of his recommended activities was up to me.)

I recently had this discussion with a breast cancer surgeon friend of mine. We both agreed: Fast does not mean carless, it can mean confident, driving a b-line to a successful outcome. Experienced. Mindful of the patient’s sacrifice of their time in the chair, away from leisure or business. Well trained, educated. Physically fit. Excellent vision. Great dexterity and adept clinical skills, and having great proprioception; knowing where your own limbs are in space without looking at them.

My staff members who have worked with dozens of dental surgeons of all specialties before me claim I am fast, but more importantly, accurate and safe. Less time in the chair, less anesthesia, less trauma to the jaws, neck and back.

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