FREE Seminar Topic #12: Choosing a dental office because they take your plan: BAD IDEA!!

FREE Seminar Topic #12: Choosing a dental office because they take your plan: BAD IDEA!!

Q: How do I know what office to choose from the dental insurance provider list my insurance company provides?

A: The short answer is: YOU DON’T. What if the only way you could pick a spouse is to choose from a list of names: Crazy Rhoda Zimmerman, Frankie the Finger O’Neil or……Skinny Jane Simmons. How could you possibly make a decision?!

So now you are going to pick a person who will place a scalpel, a bone drill and stitches in your mouth by looking at their name. Good luck.

Here are actual complaints of patients who left their previous dental offices which they chose “just because they took their insurance.” These are direct quotes:

  • Very high volume, low customer service and quality of care
  • Very long waiting times in the waiting room
  • Impossible to get a cleaning appointment when I needed one
  • Each day of the week had a different dentist working there
  • The specialist only comes one per week or once per month; if you have a complication from his procedure, he is not there the next day to see you.
  • If you have an emergency; you almost never get to see the last dentist that worked on you.
  • All the staff, doctors included, are very transitory; the office has a revolving door of employees; no one seems to stay.
  • The lab turn over time to get my dental work made was very long
  • I felt I was being rushed all the time and not welcome
  • They lost my X-rays (or lab work) more than once
  • I questioned the cleanliness sometimes.
  • Cleanings only lasted 15 min. This can’t be good!
  • I had to go back many time for adjustments of the work and re-doing of the work!
  • Diplomas and credentials were not displayed for each doctor
  • Office was owned by a corporation and had no doctor’s name associated with it
  • No chance of being seen for afterhours emergencies
  • No way to reach the doctor after hours

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