FREE Seminar will Address Solutions to Dental Fears

FREE Seminar will Address Solutions to Dental Fears

Q: My husband just won’t go to the dentist due to fear. He had a very poor experience as a youngster with his childhood dentist in a rural town out west.

I think in my 33 years of practice, I can safely say the number one reason for dental phobia is a bad childhood experience. (Yes, it’s not the bill which sometimes can cause chest pain.) Believe it or not, I remember learning in dental school that there was a technique to control children in the chair called the “Hand-Over-Mouth” technique. No explanation needed and obviously not used in today’s world…..I hope.

A: Definitely tell him to attend our FREE Seminar, Teeth for Life XXI on January 28th. (Details below) Our multimedia presentation will demonstrate hi-tech dental equipment and techniques to ease dental fears:

  • Electronic anesthesia for incredibly comfortable injections
  • The dental vibe and the Vibraject: a vibrator that helps block pain stimuli from injections to the gum and bone
  • Hand scalers for comfortable vibration-free cleanings
  • “Profound” a super powerful topical anesthetic that numbs the gums without needles for periodontal procedures such as SRPC (Scaling, root planning and curettage.)
  • Electric drills: super quiet; eliminating the wine of the air turbine drills most of you remember
  • Halcion: a fast acting sedative pill that keeps you relaxed and calm for any dental procedure without the risks of being put to sleep.
  • Incision-less, tissue punch dental implant surgeries: no scalpel, no stitches; much faster healing time
  • Digital Impression: no more gagging goop!
  • Less time in the dental chair: even for long procedures such as a full smile of porcelain veneers. 90 min. vs. 300 min.!
  • Dental Laser: bloodless incisions, less invasive, faster cleaning

Editor’s Note: ONLY 10 SEATS REMAIN!

Don’t miss or next FREE seminar: “Teeth for Life XXI” at the Double Tree Hotel on PGA Blvd. in Palm Beach Gardens Florida on Friday January 28th 2022 at 11:30 AM. All attendees will receive a copy of Dr. Josephs’ latest Book: “Tooth Talk! What Educated Patients Need to Know About 21st Century Dental Treatment” ONLY 10 SEATS REMAIN register today at 561-832-2917 or email us at

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