Friends Reactions to New smile with Veneers

Friends Reactions to New smile with Veneers

Jan 03, 2024

Q: I would like to move ahead and do my veneers, but I am afraid they just wont look natural. I see a lot of fake looking smiles out there.

A: With over 35 years of experience in porcelain veneers, crowns and dental implants, I know the work comes out looking “natural”. How do I know? The patients tell me after their treatment, they receive the following reactions from friends and relatives:

  • Wow, you look great! I love your new haircut?
  • Did you change your hair color; it looks great, you look younger!
  • Did you go on vacation; you look well rested.
  • Did you lose weight?
  • Is that a new shirt?
  • I “always” loved your smile! (Note the word “always”; as if you looked this great forever!)

Better to hear these comments vs. “Hey, you finally did your teeth!

How do we make the porcelain work look so natural?

  • Adding irregularities and surface texture to the porcelain, called flutes and lobes
  • Adding translucency at the chewing edges
  • Keeping the widths of the veneers as close as possible to your original teeth
  • Choosing an appropriate shade based on skin, hair and eye color and personality.
  • Adding length to show more teeth in most cases for a more youthful look
  • Building out the sides of the posterior veneers for a wider smile to fill out the dark unsightly spaces between the cheeks and teeth in a full smile.
  • Veneering the correct number of teeth; only doing six looks awful. Most cases are 8-10 on the uppers, 8-10 on the lowers.
  • Following Leonardo Divinci’s universal laws of proportions; the “Golden Ratio.”

Check out the veneer gallery page on our website for just some of our veneer cases.

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