Hi Tech Implant Procedure check list

Hi Tech Implant Procedure check list

Q: I have had several opinions on my much needed implant work, how can I make the decision on which way to go? Some doctors say it could be done in four months, some say six months. A few require two surgeries, but some only one.

A: Like David Letterman, now in retirement roaming the beach with a metal detector sporting sandals and black socks, we too like “Top 10 Lists.”

Recently a new patient asked me: “What are the benefits to my having my implant work done in your office with your methods and technology vs. someplace else.” (I felt like I was being interviewed for dental school circa 1983; break out my Members Only jacket!)

Here was my response which will be covered in detail at my FREE seminar on the 23rd of October. (Details below).

  1. All work is done by me in one office; no referrals to outside doctors.
  2. Incisionless, no-cut placement of the implants: no stitches, no second surgery.
  3. Implant stability will be measured at placement with Osstell, a sound wave device that will tell us EXACTLY when you can have the permanent teeth attached, usually in three months.
  4. Digital scan of the top of the implant with iTero (No goopy molds) AT THE TIME OF PLACEMENT so that the lab can begin making your crown(s) immediately.
  5. The use of Biomet 3i titanium Implants, used by the top dental surgeons in the world, allowing for all of the above to take place. (Made in USA!)

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