How Do I Know That My Cosmetic Veneers Came Out Right?

How Do I Know That My Cosmetic Veneers Came Out Right?

Oct 15, 2019

Q: I moved from NYC to a small town in Iowa and had porcelain veneers done. I did not have a choice of who to go to around here. I would like to have a NY or Palm Beach dentist evaluate the work to make sure it is ok. What would you be looking for to declare the case was a success?

A: Kids are honest. I remember when my son was little, if I had a pimple he never refrained from shouting: “Daddy, what’s that big thing on your nose?” right in front of the produce staff at Publix. Or my favorite question at age four: “Daddy, can you tell me what all the bad words are so I know not to say them?” We then listened to my old George Carlin comedy albums. At 25+, the young doctor is still “brutally” honest; especially with my wardrobe and hairstyles. I go nuts when he tells me I look like comedian Richard Lewis!

What to look for in a successful veneer case:

  • No one, except immediate family members, says: “Oh… you got new teeth!”
  • People ask you one of the following: “Did you get a new haircut or color? Did you lose weight? Did your go on vacation; you look rested?”
  • Edges of the veneers are smooth as they meet the gum line without open gaps underneath the veneers, trapping food.
  • Post op X-rays confirm a good fit.
  • You like your smile: natural translucency, porcelain is not bowling ball-flat, but instead an irregular surface to break up the light for a natural look. No big square Chicklets.

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