How to guarantee your veneers will not look like Chicklets

How to guarantee your veneers will not look like Chicklets

Q: I want a new smile with porcelain veneers (and some crowns connected to my implants), but I see a lot of people who look ridiculous. What can be done so my work does not look fake?

A: Just a side note: My Son who is in his fourth and final year of dental school at Tufts College of Dental Medicine recently was matched to his first choice of residency program at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. He starts July 1st 2020. (I got a letter from my wallet indicating the giant hole at the bottom will now be sealed.)

How never to wind up with fake-looking veneers or implant crowns:

  • Empress-Ivoclar brand porcelain for translucency and intentional irregularities called flutes and lobes, which break up the light to mimic real tooth enamel.
  • Pre-op 3D iTero digital impression scans, (Not the goop!) to generate models of your new smile before the permanent work is made.
  • Digitizing photos of select smiles from magazines or old pictures of yourself. The lab will use this as a guide to shape your work.
  • Artistic shaping of the temporaries and the final porcelain work to create a natural look, with intentional imperfections.
  • Have the significant other come to the temporary evaluation appointment to have some input in the final shade and shape
  • Don’t forget to treat the lowers too! They show when speaking.
  • Our philosophy is to make you look better, healthier and younger; not to put you in the witness protection program. Check out the veneer and implant galleries on our website and our free Summit on the 13th of March. Details below:

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