Importance of Frenum In the Mouth

Importance of Frenum In the Mouth

Do you ever wonder what all the different parts of your mouth are for? There is more to your oral cavity than just the teeth and the tongue. While these are the main features of your oral cavity, how much more do you know about your mouth? As Mitchell A Josephs DDS states, other small parts in your mouth have greater tasks than you would credit them. A good example of such a part is the frenum. Read on to find out what it is and whether or not it is important in your mouth.

What is A Frenum?

It is another term for frenulum. The frenulum is a muscular attachment that is between two tissues found in the oral cavity. It is located in two places in the mouth, that is, the inside of the cheeks and lips and the inside of the mouth and gums. This, therefore, makes two types of frenum:

  1. Labia Frenum – it is the tissue that connects the upper inner lip with the gum tissue. It is located directly above the two front teeth.

  2. Lingual Frenum – this is the other type of frenulum that connects the floor of the mouth to the tongue. It is the tissue that is largely responsible for speech and other mobility functions of the tongue.

These parts of the oral cavity play a significant role in the overall functioning of the mouth. Some of the functions of the frenum include the following:

  1. Allowing motion – the tongue moves back and forth to perform different functions. This includes chewing, swallowing, to mention a few. The motions of the tongue are controlled by the frenum underneath it. Do you ever wonder what would happen if your tongue could move past a certain part? Without the frenum, your tongue can go beyond the roof of the mouth.

  2. Allowing speech – speech is difficult without the proper functionality of the frenulum. Too much of it can make your tongue too heavy, hindering proper communication. The opposite is also true.

  3. Proper teeth alignment – this is, particularly for the labia frenum. It pulls the gum tissue appropriately away from the tooth.

  4. Stability in your mouth – these soft tissues give stability to the different parts of the mouth, including the upper lip, the lower lip, as well as the tongue.
    Everyone has frenum in their mouth. These soft tissues are fundamental for the optimal functioning of the mouth. Ideally, any problems with the frenum in your mouth can necessitate a dental procedure. The treatment you get is usually dependent on what the problem is with your frenulum tissues. It is called a frenectomy. The only situation that merits such treatment is when your frenum gets in the way of the proper functioning of your mouth, for example, by causing developmental problems.

What is Frenectomy?

Dr. Mitchell A. Josephs defines it as a small surgical procedure that is done to adjust the positioning of your frenum. The treatment is conducted by affordable dentists near you, mainly to eliminate a problematic frenum. Ideally, the surgical procedure involves reducing the frenulum, if it is too long. Further, it is loosened if it is too tight.

If a frenectomy dentist advises you on the need for the procedure, then do not hesitate to go forth with the treatment. this treatment will help reverse all the negative impacts associated with an abnormal frenum. Some of the advantages of such treatment include the following:

  1. Improved speech – you will have better control of your tongue, not being too mobile or immobile.

  2. Improved eating, and chewing ability – a problematic frenum makes you very uncomfortable when it comes to swallowing food.

  3. Better nursing – children with problematic frenums have a hard time nursing like regular kids. The frenum can cause them to be tongue-tied or lip-tied, making breastfeeding and overall nursing difficult.

  4. Proper dentition – you may not require an orthodontic procedure since your teeth will sit properly in the jawbone. Other than that, a problematic frenum causes a gap between the front teeth if it is not dealt with early enough.

  5. Improved cosmetic appearance – your smile is beautiful, thanks to proper teeth alignment and correction of the gummy smile.

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