Is your Dental office owned by a corporation? It could get ugly.

Is your Dental office owned by a corporation? It could get ugly.

Q:” I have been going to a great doctor for years; his office changed for the worse literally overnight. The place is awful now in every way! I Heard from other patients and office staff that the office was bought by a corporation. What is going on?”

A: A topic that will surely be discussed at my next free seminar to the public on March 1st. Details bellow.

Unfortunately, what has happened in medicine is now happening in dentistry. Private equity and venture capital corporations are buying up dental practices left and right. Eating them up like a 1980’s Pacman game machine.

There strategy is to lower the overhead costs of running the practice and increase the revenue in order to make them more profitable and then sell them to another buyer or just to increase their stock price. This is not good for the profession in my opinion and many other doctors around the USA and Canada. I have not heard one deal that went well for the many dentists I speak with ever month. More importantly, the patients can be the ones who lose the most.

When corporate entities take over dental offices, turning them into franchise-type practices, here is what patients can expect in many cases: (These are actual quotes from doctors and patients.)

  • Longer wait times in the waiting room
  • Difficulty in getting an appointment
  • Five-minute cleanings, vs 60-90 minute thorough preventive visits
  • Previous doctor’s name removed; replaced with generic names like: “In-and-Out Dental Care”
  • Cheaper lower quality dental labs, materials and supplies to cut costs
  • Every day a different dentist associate working the office
  • Specialists working one to two days per month, leaving you on your own if you need to see them sooner with a complication.
  • Reductions in patient comforts, décor, and general atmosphere
  • A focus on money over anything else; it’s all about volume and profits.
  • Your favorite staff members have been fired and replaced by lower waged employees.
  • When you call the office, you hear a recording with many menus, not a person
  • Accepting low quality insurance plans that are very misleading as to what they really are going to pay.

On march first we will discuss in person how to choose an office in 2024. See you then! (details below)

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