Learn How EZ White Pro Brightens Your Teeth Merely in 30 Minutes

Learn How EZ White Pro Brightens Your Teeth Merely in 30 Minutes

Are you embarrassed displaying your discolored teeth to everyone around you at work or home? You may desire a bright smile like everyone else and look around for teeth whitening remedies advertised prominently on the print and electronic media. You may even consider purchasing some products but hold yourself back after receiving information from friends and family members; the products deliver little (if at all) or no results even after using them for several months.

You may collect information that dentists also provide teeth whitening treatments at their offices to give you brighter teeth in approximately 60 minutes which you find lengthy because you don’t have the spare time available at your disposal. However, as you continue your search and discuss teeth whitening with the dentist near you, the professional surprises you with information that teeth whitening doesn’t require an hour but results in changing the appearance of your teeth are achievable in merely 30 minutes.

Expressing delight with the information, you begin making further inquiries to ensure the dentist was not pulling your leg and provided accurate information when they mentioned they could brighten your teeth in double fast time with the EZ white Pro. If the data from the dentist has made you curious, let us satisfy your curiosity by providing details of how this unique system works.

How Does EZ Pro Work?

The in-office whitening system from EZ Wight® Pro utilizes a unique technology patented to whiten teeth naturally. The light-activated technology with oxygen-rich gel utilizing the power of hydrogen peroxide breaks stains away quickly and gently from your teeth to deliver dramatic and quick results. The treatment for EZ white Pro in Palm Beach, FL, is provided by a qualified dental professional with thorough knowledge of dental anatomy to ensure you achieve the desired results within 30 minutes and your smile becomes brighter by eight shades.

Before & after

If you walked into the dental office in Palm Beach with discolored teeth, you could rest assured you would leave the office gleaming from ear to ear. EZ white is gentle on your teeth and does not cause any dehydration or harm sensitive teeth. You require one visit to the Palm Beach dental office with no requests to follow-up for additional treatments if you are unsatisfied with the results. The low abrasion ingredients used during the whitening merely cause minimal fading while brightening your teeth by eight shades. We are confident you will think it is excellent, especially as you are short of time.

Why Visit Dental Offices for Teeth Whitening Treatments?

If you dislike visiting dental offices for teeth whitening treatments, you can spend time in drugstores or convenience stores looking for over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies. However, as described earlier, you are likely to achieve minimal or no results after using a brand of your choice to brighten your smile. Moreover, over-the-counter remedies require consistent use over an extended period before you can witness any results. Therefore, if you want faster and guaranteed results without issues like tooth sensitivity or gum injuries concerning you, it helps if you overcome your dislike of dental offices and prefer teeth whitening treatments from qualified dentists.

Safety of in-Office Teeth Whitening Treatments

Dentists whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Extensive research confirms both ingredients are safe and effective for teeth whitening when administered by qualified dentists. Therefore if you want a more profound and longer-lasting whitening treatment, the in-office technique is optimal for your requirements.

After getting your teeth whitened using the EZ white Pro technique delivered by Dr. Julie Kennedy, they may surprise you with information; you can also have a take-home EZ white teeth whitening pen with a unique silicone applicator tip. If you don’t understand what you can do with the pen, the dentist provides information it is merely a technique to maintain your teeth whitening results.

Using the EZ White whitening pen to maintain your results of EZ white in office whitening treatment is not challenging. You merely stand smiling before the mirror, click to release the gel, and give your teeth up to 4 shades of whitening power. Each take-home pen has around 60 applications to maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening for quite some time.

Will the Results Last?

Teeth whitening results last for as long as you maintain your teeth in appropriate condition by limiting or avoiding the use of pigmented foods and beverages and quitting lifestyle habits like smoking. Maintaining proper dental hygiene and getting regular exams and cleanings from your dentist also help preserve the color of your teeth and that of teeth whitening longer.

If you are tired of your discolored teeth and do not have an hour to spend with different dentists, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitchell Josephs to get your teeth whitened in 30 minutes with the EZ White® Pro whitening treatment and enjoy your brighter smile.

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