Local Forum on Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Updates for 2020

Local Forum on Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Updates for 2020

Q: I had implants placed on my upper jaw four months ago to replace my missing front teeth. I am ready for the second part where the doctor is going to expose the implants. He want to attach temporary crowns to them for several weeks and maybe months before placing the permanent porcelain ones. How can I be sure that the temporaries will not break as past temporary crowns have in my mouth?

A: It’s tough to predict how long temporaries will last, completely unscathed from our 500 pounds per square inch of chewing forces. Not to mention a misguided almond, ice cube, peanut brittle or Halvah. (Never got into the Halva scene; tried it once in Flushing Queens, NY back in 89; tastes like wood chips dipped in kindergarten glue paste.)

For large implant and crown and bridge cases, and possibly veneer cases where you are going to be away from the dental office for months vs. weeks, there is a new product that may do you right:

LuxaCrown. A super strong, long lasting composite that allows us to make a “semi-permanent” crown, veneer or bridge in the office without any impressions or lab work. It polishes to a shine and is “much stronger than your father’s temporaries.” For those with financial limitations, LuxaCrown is indicated for providing a crown that can last about five years, for half the cost of a permanent crown.

We will discuss complex crown and bridge, cosmetic veneers and implant surgery at length on November 8th in our multimedia presentation. The hot pretzels are on us. Details below.


Editor’s Note: Dr. Josephs will be giving a FREE seminar to the public, “Implant Cosmetic and General Dentistry Update” on Friday November 8th, 2019 at 11:30 AM to 12:30pm at the Double Tree Hotel in Palm Beach Gardens, on PGA Blvd. All attendees receive a FREE copy of his book: “Tooth Talk: What Educated Dental Patients Need to know about 21st Century Dental Treatment” and a complimentary office consultation. ONLY 42 SEATS REMAIN! Call or email today at drjosephs@evanl201.sg-host.com

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