Loosing Teeth from Destructive Crowns

Loosing Teeth from Destructive Crowns

Q: I paid over $100,000 in a full mouth reconstruction with crowns in Manhattan only two years ago. After a few broke off at the gum line I went to a new dentist here in Florida. The x-rays showed decay under every crown; some will need root canals, some will need to be pulled and replaced with implants. How could this have been avoided?

A: I am very sympathetic to your issues and just like all medical or dental procedures, when dealing with the unpredictability of the human body, there are cases that have less than stellar results. How many times have we heard a patient “not make it out of their surgery”. Or a patient not respond to chemotherapy? Far too often, unfortunately.

HOWEVER…I will address where a faulty crown can result in the loss of a tooth or a need for more extensive procedures to save the tooth. At my FREE seminar to the public, details below, you will see the technology necessary to help prevent these “tooth tragedies.”

  • Crowns placed too far under the gum line causing bacterial infections that result in bone loss and gum recession. This also causes excessive bleeding when it’s time to replace the crown resulting in another poor treatment outcome with the new crown.
  • Crowns with open gaps trapping food and rotting the teeth with decay underneath
  • Bulky porcelain work that will cause chronic inflammation and periodontal (gum) disease
  • In sufficient soft tissue (gum) to properly seal away plaque from penetrating under the gum line
  • Not enough of a “stump” to serve as a foundation to support the crown, need for a “core build-up” before crown fabrication
  • Need for gum surgery such as crown lengthening or grafting BEORE the crown treatment

I can go on, but I spilled balsamic vinegar all over my kitchen floor tonight and have to clean it up….

See you at my seminar on July 16th for the rest of the story…and some amazing soft hot pretzels!

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