Lower Veneers to Fix your Crooked lower teeth

Lower Veneers to Fix your Crooked lower teeth

Q: My uppers look pretty good; I have old crowns up there that are quite white and straight. My lowers, however, are very crooked and yellow. My doctor wants to cap all of them. Why can’t he do veneers?

A: Today’s shtick: Don’t you love those commercials where people are taking classes on how not to be like their parents? I don’t even remember what the product is they are promoting. I think it is insurance?

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Alphabet test, people forget the lower: see tv news people

Explained what a veneer is and why it saves tooth enamel.

Get 2nd opinion, pjc means dds not doing a lot of veneers

Check out the gallery on our site to view some crazy good lower teeth cases. Crooked to straight, white teeth in two visits.

Mention Bloomberg reporter and Business Week interview, will let you know when magazine hits the newsstand and on line.

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