Many Negative Doctor Reviews Undeserved

Many Negative Doctor Reviews Undeserved

Jan 11, 2024

Q: How much weight should I give a negative review for doctors?

A: Speaking of negative. I saw an awful commercial on TV the other day sponsored by the Idaho Potato Growers Association. I don’t even get the joke. I had to watch it three times and still don’t find it funny or tasteful.

A mom serves her family potatoes and claims they were grown in  her garden. Her husband says: “What; is your garden in Idaho?!” To which she responds: “No. In our backyard.” Then the dog runs out of the house, the baby spits out her potato, the husband drops his plate on the floor and finally the grandfather spits his dentures out and drops them in his granddaughter’s mashed potatoes, followed by her screams in disgust.

Terrible portrayal of a geriatric stereotype as well as creating an awful, archaic view of dentistry. (Have they ever heard of dental implants?) Or am I totally wrong and should think this would motivate the public into saving their teeth?

Needless to say, I am boycotting potatoes for the time being. I am sure the American Dental Association will be sending a nasty letter to the advertiser.

Here is an example of a negative review that an out of state dentist received:

“The worst cleaning experience of my life. Water all over the place. Across my face, down my neck, etc.”

Was it really necessary to lower the doctor’s five-star rating by posting a one-star review because the patient got wet?

Very often the Cavitron which uses ultrasonic waves will spray water outside the mouth while removing tarter from the gums. If this is happening to you, just tell your hygienist to turn the water down a notch or reposition the suction tip. No big deal.

By the way, the review was posted at 4:00AM on a Saturday night. I would think one would have better things to do over the weekend. Even a good toenail clipping would have been more productive!

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