Meet the Author on March 1st; 2024 Dental Sumit

Meet the Author on March 1st; 2024 Dental Sumit

Did you know that the word “authority” begins with the word “author”?

With over 35 years of experience in cosmetic, implant and general dentistry and writing the ask the dentist column for the past 20 years, I hope I learned a thing or two about dental care. As a dental educator on the lecture circuit teaching hundreds of dentists, I look forward to the chance to meet many of you in person on March 1st. Bring your questions!

All attendees to our seminar Teeth for Life XXIII will receive a free copy of my latest book: “Tooth Talk! What Educated Patients Need to Know About 21st Century Dental Treatment”

Many a reader has found the book useful for stopping drafts underneath doors and around windows, propping up slide projectors and laptops for Zoom meetings and to toss out of sinking boats. A great mix of dental information and humor for sure!

Although peppered with original stand-up comedic elements, I know you will get a lot out of the dental information.

I promise you will learn:

  • How to choose a dental office for your specific dental needs: implants, veneers, crowns etc.
  • How to evaluate an office to see if it is truly up to date

Answers to recently posted questions:

Do teeth thin with age?

Is an implant stronger than a permanent bridge to replace teeth?

When should old amalgam (silver) fillings be replaced?

Are over the counter whiteners any better than office bleaching treatments?

How do I know if veneers are an option for me?

What type of treatment should I move forward with to avoid future dental problems?

colWe will unluck the mysteries of the art and science of dentistry as well as having a Q&A session allowing for one-on-one time with your speaker.

And most importantly, enjoy our hot soft pretzels!

Editor’s Note: Don’t miss or next FREE seminar: “Teeth for Life XXIII” at the Double Tree Hotel on PGA Blvd. in Palm Beach Gardens Florida on Friday March 1st, 2024 at 11:30 AM. All attendees will receive a copy of Dr. Josephs’ latest Book: “Tooth Talk! What Educated Patients Need to Know About 21st Century Dental Treatment” ONLY 12 SEATS REMAIN; REGISTER TODAY! at 561-832-2917 or email us at

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