More Bone Loss Found with Two Implants to hold Dentures vs. Four

More Bone Loss Found with Two Implants to hold Dentures vs. Four

Q: I need implants to snap in a new lower denture. I would like to cut costs by only having the doctor place two instead his recommendation of four. He told me he would not do it, but I have a friend who is happy with their snap on denture with only two implants. What do you think?

Cutting costs in dentistry never ends well, nor does it work in other industries.

If you thought customer service was bad on airplanes before Covid 19, you “ain’t seen nothing yet!” Not too long ago I attended a practice management lecture and the speaker said: “For excellent customer service, just do exactly the opposite of what the airline industry does.”

In a previous column I complained that shortly after the financial collapse of 2008, I was handed a bag of pretzels that weighed less than a baby’s breath. The package read: “Pretzel Pieces.” The bag literally contained broken pieces of pretzels. Well, last week I was handed a package labeled: “Oreo Thins”. A “delicious” cookie made up of two paper thin dark brown wafers with a coating of cream as thin as the paint on your car. I guess when you have to cut costs it’s better than shortening the wings or furloughing the copilot.

Since I no longer watch TV news anymore and finished EVERYTHING on Netflix, my night table is stacked to the ceiling: out-of- print auto racing books, car magazines, Short Stories by Shakespeare and dental journals.

“Newsflash! This just in….” The international journal of Prosthodontics published a study that showed placing four implants vs. two implants in the edentulous mandible (a toothless lower jaw) to anchor a full denture can benefit the patient by decreasing bone loss in posterior parts of the jaw where there are no teeth or implants. This is important as when bone is lost in this area, the denture rotates front-to back putting stress on the implants which can cause them to loosen, fracture and fail or result in the prosthesis catastrophically fracturing warranting an expensive replacement.

Go with four implants, not two.

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