More on Treating Dental Emergencies at Home

More on Treating Dental Emergencies at Home

Q: I woke up with pain in my gum. I looked in the mirror and saw a pea-size red ball with yellow bad tasting fluid coming out of the gum. My dentist’s office is closed. What can I do?

A: Greetings from house arrest. What day is it? Who finished my almond milk? Why is this brand of toilet paper made of the same parchment paper that the Declaration of Independence was written on? Should I buy a quill pen on Amazon? Will I get it by Independence Day? I don’t Face Time anymore because of my hair. Black and gray looks distinguished; brown and gray just looks like oatmeal.

You probably jammed something under the gum, like a popcorn husk. Take a piece of floss and tie a bunch of knots in it. Floss the tooth on all sides and drag the now through all the spaces between the teeth adjacent to this tooth. Irrigate with a water pick. Brush vigorously. Rinse with a mix of 50% H2O and 50% peroxide. For pain apply any over the counter item that contains benzocaine. Do not press an aspirin against the gum; you will burn a hole through the tissue the size of……..well… an aspirin of course!

Email a smart phone picture of any dental emergency from now until May 8th and I will provide a complimentary Teledentistry consultation.

All the best to you and your families during this tough, but temporary predicament.

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