Music and Virtual Reality during oral surgery reduces Pain and Anxiety

Music and Virtual Reality during oral surgery reduces Pain and Anxiety

Q : Can I use my ear buds during extractions and implant treatment?

A: Yes; and it is encouraged! In this month’s JADA (Journal of the American Dental Association) an article from Spain was published showing that listening to music or donning virtual reality 3-D glasses reduces anxiety and pain.

So what did the participants in the study listen to or watch?

For the music (Hint: It was not Frank Zappa’s classic tune: “Montana” with the lyric: “…want to be a dental floss tycoon”; hit that one up on Spotify if you have not heard it.) instead it was: “Introduction and Allegro for harp, flute, Clarinet, and string quartet” by Ravel and “Aria” by J.S. Bach. (Not exactly Metallica, but very relaxing.)

What did the participants watch on their VR 3D glasses?

“Images of the ocean floor, with relaxing sounds accompanying the images.” (I would think watching 20 minutes of seagrass and sand would allow one to remove their own appendix with a warm spoon.)

The results of the study show that implementation of these interventions, which are noninvasive and economical, in the daily clinical practice of removal of teeth and placement of dental implants as well as all general restorative procedures for crowns, bridges and porcelain veneers.

Crank up the volume for a better chance at painless and anxiety-free dentistry!

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