New Implant Technology: Better, Faster, Stronger

New Implant Technology: Better, Faster, Stronger

Q: I see that most dentists nowadays do implants. How can I be sure the office I am considering is not outdated and using old technology for this kind of work?

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I noticed that the methods and materials in my practice for implant surgery and restorations are nothing like they were just a few years ago. Here are the changes:

  • Both the surgery and the final crown and bridge stages are done by me in one office. No additional out- of -office doctors are used.
  • Digital x-rays and/or CT scans are taken for treatment planning
  • Many of our cases are done in a No-Cut method: No scalpels, flaps, stitches and need for a second surgery to uncover the implants, months later.
  • Often we place the implant at the same time as the tooth is removed.
  • Osstell sound wave devices test the implants for stability to monitor and measure healing.
  • Digital impression are used vs the goopy molds for more accuracy and increased patient comfort.
  • Special implants by Hahn Inc. for upper implants where the bone is very soft to eliminate failed implants. Biomet implants that allow digital impressions to be used as stated above.
  • Bone graft putties increasing the amount of solid bone for better implant anchorage.

Please feel free to take a tour of our office for more details on what is new and what really works in implant dentistry. Give us a call or drop us an email today!

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