New Veneers without Disguising you.

New Veneers without Disguising you.

Q: I want veneers to have permanently whiter teeth, but I like the shape and size of my current teeth and do not want to change my characteristics. I just want to look better. Can this be done?

A: The best feedback I get from my porcelain veneer patients is when they tell me their friends ask them: “Did you get a haircut? Did you change the color of your hair? Did you lose weight? And my favorite, asked to my then 84 year old mother: “You look well rested, did you go on a vacation?” this means they look natural, vs.: “Hey, Susan. Nice new teeth!”

You don’t have to go into the witness protection program when you have cosmetic dentistry done. If you like the basic shape and size of your current teeth, we take digitally scanned models and photos to send to the lab. They in turn will create a 3D printed mock-up of what your final teeth will look like after consulting one on one with you. I will make a set a temporary veneers that the patient will wear during the three weeks it takes for the final porcelain work to be completed. All of this involves your participation in the design of the case and guarantees you will achieve what you envisioned.

In 33 years, I have never had a patient ask me to do their veneers over again due to “not liking” them. Check out the veneer gallery at our website

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