No Fear Porcelain Veneers

No Fear Porcelain Veneers

Q: I want a new smile with veneers, but I don’t want my teeth filed down. What alternatives do I have?

A: Hey, I didn’t want my teeth filed down either when I had my veneers done 23 years ago. Who would, right?!

You may be thinking of a crown which requires that tooth structure needs to be reduced 360 degrees around the tooth as well as the top of the tooth. This is needed so that the lab has enough room to allow for a porcelain cap to cover the cylindrical, reduced tooth and still allow for the opposing teeth to bite correctly.

When preparing teeth for veneers, we only reduce the tooth by .8 mm, about the thickness of your thumbnail. This allows the lab to construct porcelain facings that are permanently affixed to the teeth at the final visit. While the lab is making your permanent porcelain work, we hand make acrylic temporary veneers that will look almost as good as your final work.

Our office does not use the goopy gagging molds, but instead uses digital impression scanners for more comfort for you and more accuracy in the fit of the veneers. Fit is extremely important so as not to allow for decay to form underneath the veneers.

No doubt veneers are a significant investment; more like a used Toyota Camry (fabric seats; not leather), but you will have a gorgeous smile that with proper home care and visits to our hygienist, will most likely last a lifetime. All patients look 10 years younger and friends ask them if they lost weight!

Check out our website and visit the Gallery for veneers to see our most recent cases. We also can provide a lengthy list of patients of ours who will share their experience with you over the phone or via email.

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