No Fear Veneers for your “Zoom Smile”

No Fear Veneers for your “Zoom Smile”

Oct 14, 2020

Q: I am now on Zoom every day for work and I notice my teeth could use a rehab, but also notice how awful other people’s teeth look. Why do some of them fix the uppers, but not the lowers? It looks like they have two different sets of teeth.

A: Do you have a nickname for your significant other? How about your favorite siblings? I call my two older sisters “Bean” and “Poopsiedoodles”, respectively. I have been called by my wife Bunny cakes, Baboon cakes, and most recently “Michael Kors”. The MK nickname is a substitute for the horrid fashion-conscious term: “metrosexual” which sounds like someone making love on a subway. Basically she thinks I am astute with fashion trends, teeth, clothes, etc. Fun fact: Michael Kors graduated from my high school, Bellmore JFK, Long Island, NY, although a few years before me.

Many people think you don’t show your lowers. I get texts from friends and relatives while watching the news at night and asking me “Can you tune into Fox or CNN right now?! Why doesn’t she do her lowers?!!”

Do the alphabet test: Say the alphabet naturally while looking in the mirror. You show the lowers while speaking; smiling shows the uppers.

There is no reason to fear veneers; porcelain facings that are permanently affixed to the fronts of your teeth, closing gaps, adding length (if desired) and changing the color to “amazing”. Why no fear in our office

  • Electronic anesthesia machines (The Wand or the Comfort Control where patients often don’t know they just got injected!
  • The Dental Vibe and the Vibraject: a pinpoint vibrator that stops the pain form a needle.
  • Digital impression scanners; no more goop! Great for gaggers and more accurate fit of the work.
  • Temporary veneers that look like the final ones to allow you to do a trial run and make changes before the permanent work is installed.
  • No “Chicklets”; local ceramist specialized in natural looking Empress Veneers on staff. THEY WILL NOT LOOK FAKE!
  • Care Credit: Zero interest, 12 to 18 month payment plans.

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Let us know if you would like to speak with patients who have had life changing smile makeovers with us.

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