Not all Implant experiences are the same

Not all Implant experiences are the same

May 11, 2023

The latest technology in implant dentistry which we use every day will allow you to have an extremely comfortable and successful treatment.

Here’s how we do it…

  • Apply an extra strong topical anesthetic called “Profound” to numb the tissues before the injection of local anesthetic. (If you are being given a flavored topical that tastes like pina colada, mint or cherry; “that ain’t the right stuff!”) Profound, although a bit bitter, is so strong, loose teeth can be removed without injections.
  • Administer an injection of fast acting local anesthetic while using the Dental Vibe which vibrates the bone, gum and syringe, blocking pain stimuli. The actual injector is called the Woodpecker Super Pen; an electronic device that gives the anesthetic with a computer driven pump much like a hospital’s IV machine. Great for those pesky shots on the roof of your mouth.
  • A tissue punch then opens a small pencil eraser size hole in the gum. No flap, no incision, no sutures for comfort and faster healing.
  • Special bone drills create a threaded channel in the bone allowing us to slowly screw in the implant body. The trick is drilling a smaller hole than the diameter of the implant, to allow the implant to compress the surrounding bone, allowing the threads to dig I deep for strong anchorage. (Like on a wood screw).
  • Placement of a healing abutment that prevents the gum tissue from growing back over the top of the implant, which would require a second surgery in 3 to 4 months to take the impression to make the crown.
  • Three to four months after the implant fuses to the bone, osseous integration, we are able to take a digital scan of the top of the implant; no gagging goop, with the iTero digital impression unit.
  • Three weeks later we attach a custom abutment, a tapered post that connects the implant to the crown, which is cemented in place…..and you now have your new tooth!

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